Inspections are critical for the health of your roof. Building materials don't last forever and many factors can impact the life of your roof, including problems during manufacturing, design issues, errors during installation, and storm damage. Determining the true cause of damage to roofing material with confidence requires knowledge and experience. 

Most often issues with your roof are not noticeable until you start to see interior damage and leaks. Regular annual inspections can help you avoid these problems and protect your home. 

Rocket Contracting inspections are performed by HAAG Certified Inspectors with fine tuned skills to find damage where it exists. HAAG Certified Inspectors have an in-depth understanding of advanced damage assessment techniques and years of industry experience. 

One of Rocket Contracting's HAAG Certified Inspectors will not only inspect your roof for damage, but also provide a report detailing the condition of your roof.

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Click the Seal to View Certification