How Insurance Deductibles Work

 When you sign a homeowners' insurance agreement, you are agreeing to pay a deductible before you are compensated for your roof replacement or repair. For example, if your insurance adjuster finds $10,000 of damage to your roofing material and you have a $1000 deductible, the insurance will pay $9000 and you will pay $1000 to the contractor. The deductible amount is your co-pay.

Some contractors in the area have found that they get more business by covering the homeowners' deductible. Take caution because this practice is not legal, both the part of homeowners and on the part of roofing contractors and leads to a lower quality roof using cheaper materials. 

According to Texas legal code Sec. 27.01. and Sec. 701.001., it is illegal for contractors to issue rebates or waivers for insurance deductibles. 

Transparency and quality are essential to our way of doing business at Rocket Contracting. We will not engage in this unethical behavior and you can rest assured that you are receiving  a product of the highest quality and workmanship.