Preparing for your Roofing Job

How to Prepare

  • Keep children and pets away from the house and work area.
  • Please park your vehicles away from the driveway as we will need access to your driveway to load shingles and cleanup.
  • Remove all items from around the house where roofing debris might fall, such as patio and pool furniture, potted plants and gardening equipment.
  • Remove loose items such as pictures, plates, and figurines from wall shelves and walls. This work can cause vibrations that could cause items to fall and break.
  • Cover contents in the attic when we are performing wood tear offs, as shingles could fall into the attic.
  • Sometimes we use power tools to cut decking or shingles. Please check your power breakers to make sure they haven't been tripped.

What to Expect

  • Be prepared for noise - there will be constant hammering while the work is being completed. 
  • We do our best to protect your plants and yard, but leaves and blooms may be knocked off the plants near your home during the job.
  • We take precautions to prevent gutter damage, but there are times when damage to gutters is unavoidable, such as when a roof is very steep or has surrounding gutters.
  • Nail pops or cracks may occasionally occur in drywall during roofing. This falls under the scope of installation and is paid by the insurance company.
  • If it rains, work on your roof will be delayed. Rocket Contracting's roofers are instructed not to tear off more shingles than they can replace in a day so that your roof is not exposed to the elements.
  • Nails that fall from the roof during the job will be picked up with a nail magnet. We make every effort to pick up all nails, but a few nails hidden in grass or shrubs may remain.
  • We do not anticipate leaks, but they may occur. It is your responsibility to notify Rocket Contracting of any leaks immediately for repairs. Rocket Contracting will not be held responsible for damages from leaks you failed to report.