Seamless Gutter FAQS

Frequently asked Questions

What is a seamless gutter?

 Seamless gutters have no seams and are custom measured, fabricated, and installed on-site in one continuous run to meet your home's needs. We offer seamless gutters in various materials such as copper, aluminum, and galvalume in both half-round and k-style. 

How are seamless gutters made?

 Seamless gutters are made in one run using a professional grade gutter machine mounted to a service truck. A metal sheet is rolled through the gutter machine and the gutter is secured to the house in one continuous run. 

How durable are seamless gutters compared to sectional gutters?

 Seamless gutters are stronger and more reliable because unlike sectional gutters, they are made of sturdier materials and don't have joints that are pieced together, which create the potential for leaks.  

Can I afford seamless gutters?

The cost of seamless gutters and sectional gutters is nearly the same because of the extra materials, tools, and time needed to install sectional gutters. Also, seamless gutters have a longer life span, saving you money in the long-term. 

What size seamless gutters can you fabricate?

 We offer standard 5" and 6" seamless gutters for residential applications. Seamless gutters also come in even larger sizes and are generally considered industrial or commercial gutters. We offer 7" and 8" Kynar commercial gutters in k-style or box. 

What size gutter will be best for my home?

Factors used to determine the best seamless gutter system for your home include climate, roof line, surface area, nearby trees, number of downspouts, and pitch of your roof. We willll work with you to provide the most effective and aesthetically pleasing custom solution to compliment the look of your home.




White aluminum gutters are standard, but we carry a variety of colors, which can beautifully compliment your home. Our colored gutters have a baked-on finish that will not oxidize as fast as other traditional gutters, ensuring that your system will be functional and long lasting. We can mix and match complimentary colors throughout your gutter system to meet the design needs of your home by installing a gutter run and elbows with your trim color connected to downspouts to match the siding or brick color of your home.



Copper gutters create amazing curb appeal and can add retail value to your home. When new, copper has a gold metallic color, but it will eventually form a patina and become a dark brown/green color, creating an antique or vintage style look. Properly maintained copper gutters can last from 50-150 years, which is longer than any other gutter material on the market. Most other materials last around 10-30 years. As beautiful as copper gutters are, they aren't for everyone as they are most often used on historic and high-end homes. 



Galvalume gutters have a similar aesthetic as galvanized, but have a more dull appearance and feature a longevity that rivals copper at a more affordable price. Galvalume is durable with a modern, refined appearance with a gunmetal finish that doesn't fade in the elements. With proper maintenance, Galvalume can last as long as copper in many of the same environments and has a more neutral and natural appearance.

Gutter Size

What is the difference between 5" and 6" gutters?

5" seamless gutters are considered standard and are sufficient for the needs of most residential homes. 6" seamless gutters are the best solution for homes that experience large volumes of water, large office buildings, and commercial buildings because they can manage approximately 40% more volume than a 5" seamless gutter system. We use 3x4 over sized downspouts on a 6" seamless gutter installation, allowing more water and debris to flow through the gutter system. By installing either 5" or 6" seamless gutters, water is diverted from your roof line to areas of your home where it will not cause damage to your property.

Sizing Guide

5" Seamless Gutters

  • Gutters do not overflow during regular or normal rains
  • Gutters under 40' in length with at least 1 downspout
  • Gutters over 40’ in length with 2 downspouts
  • No upper roof gutters should be draining into lower 5″ gutter

6" Seamless Gutters

  • Inside valleys where water moves quickly and overflows during heavy rain
  • Roof lines with large amounts of water directed to a small portion of gutter
  • Long runs over 60’
  • Gutter lengths over 40’ that can't have 2 downspouts
  • Lower gutters that have upper gutters draining into them

Gutter Guards

Do I need gutter guards?


Gutter guards are designed to prevent gutters from getting clogged due to debris like falling leaves and pine needles by covering your existing gutter with a porous material that allows water through, but not debris.



Having gutter guards can significantly decrease the amount of maintenance needed as you no longer need to clean the interior of the gutter. Many companies label their guard products as "maintenance free," but there's often no such thing as a maintenance free gutter guard product.